Tenants and Foreclosure

As the housing crisis gets worse and foreclosures continue to climb, tenants are finding themselves caught in the middle. Most don’t find out that their unit is in foreclosure until the Notice of Trustee Sale gets posted on their door. Some don’t even know until the sheriff shows up with the Notice To Vacate.  We have tried to gather as much information as possible to help tenants inform and protect themselves in the event that they find themselves caught in the middle of a foreclosure.

If you suspect that your rental is in the foreclosure process you should contact the county recorder’s office and find out if a Notice Of Default or Notice Of Trustee Sale has been filed. You can look on-line at the San Joaquin County Recorders Office. If either of these notices has been filed you should contact one of the housing counselors at San Joaquin Fair Housing.

Helpful resources for tenant in foreclosures:

Renters in Foreclosure Toolkit

San Joaquin County Recorder’s Office

Sample letter for using deposit for rent

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